Simple Promise™
This Letter Went Viral
But it could be taken down at any moment.
Please read while you still can.

STOP Eating This
“Constipation Fruit”

Get Rid of Bloating And Begin
Flushing Out Stubborn Belly Fat NOW

I know you’ve tried everything already.

Laxatives, stool softeners, and fiber pills…

Laxatives, stool softeners, and fiber pills…

Forcing yourself to guzzle gallons of weird herbal tea…

Forcing yourself to guzzle gallons of weird herbal tea…

Maybe chugging magnesium citrate…

Maybe chugging magnesium citrate…

And even downing that nasty prune juice all day long…

And even downing that nasty prune juice all day long…

Oh, and those pricey probiotics, gosh even those “live active cultures” that supposedly make a difference…

But what if I told you that the reason NONE of those things actually worked…

The Reason You’re Stuck on the Toilet for What Feels Like Hours Each Day…

Is because of a
“constipation-causing fruit”?

You see…

According to the Mayo Clinic, there’s an enzyme inside this fruit that can make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to poop!

In fact, a good portion of the population is unable to fully digest this fruit…(And no I’m not talking about bananas.)

So it gets stuck inside your intestines…

Blocking any other food from passing through your colon and digestive tract.

Now, I’m going to reveal the name of this fruit in just a minute…

And I’m also going to tell you how you can FIX your constipation issues in less than 24 hours…

Regardless of what you are eating…

Regardless of if you eat this fruit every single day.

But first let me introduce myself…

My Name is Lori Grunel
From Twin Falls, Idaho**.

No, I’m not a salesperson like everyone else out there...

I’m just a regular woman like you...

I’m from Twin Falls, Idaho. I like to go hiking with my husband and 3 kids, as well as my dog Lilly—she’s a show dog. :)

And she was the center of my world, until recently… Now, I will be honest—what I’m about to share is private.

It’s embarrassing... and even a little gross.

But we must talk about it. It’s a problem I’d faced for years...

And a problem you probably face too.

No Matter How Healthy
You Think You Are... You Aren’t.

Because I discovered that there is a menace
in every person’s body.

A hidden poison...

  • That is making you look fat.
  • Sapping your energy.
  • And if it’s not stopped... it can destroy your intestines, and even give you cancer.

This menace is your belly poop.

Now, this isn’t just any poop.

This is the OLD poop that’s been sitting there in your intestines...

For literally months...

Because your body never flushed it out.

Why didn’t your body flush it out?

I’m not a doctor...

But Here are the Facts I Learned
From My Own Struggle:

Your body keeps 4 liters of food in your belly.

That’s right.

As we speak, you have 4 liters—a GALLON—of food trapped in your belly. (Keep in mind a gallon of water weighs nearly 8.3 pounds.)

Just think about how much food that is...
can you recall your last few meals?

Everything you’d eaten… It’s all just sitting there, rotting...

Robbing you of the energy of your youth...

Making it harder for you to have a bowel movement...

And if you don’t do something about it soon... it’s going to make you sick.

If you do do something about it...

You will soon enjoy effortless weight loss.

You will look sexy.

You will have the mental acuity of a Mensa member.

Newfound energy will be pumping through your veins...

Your entire life will do a complete 180.

How Did I Find Out About This?

Like all great discoveries—the hard way.
This is my story...

There was a church fundraiser banquet thingy.

Exclusive. Black-tie.

All was well, until the attendees heard the following bellow from the bathroom...

“Lord! Make It Come Out!”

Yup. That was me.

There was an echo too, so everyone heard that at least 5 times...

Those words escaped my lips, bringing the entire banquet to a standstill.

People dropped their forks.

A glass slipped from someone's hand.

As soon as a dead silence descended upon the banquet, I knew everyone must’ve heard me.

The guests were all waiting to see who would come out of the bathroom, to find out who had made that fuss.

I was mortified, so I just stayed in the bathroom for four hours, until I knew everyone had gone...

But I think some people figured out who it was.

It was, Without a Doubt,
the Most Embarrassing Thing
That Ever Happened to Me…

Until something even more humiliating
occurred that same night.

As we drove home, I asked my husband...

“Can you say the Lord’s name in the bathroom?”

He said,

“Well...I guess when you really need Him, He’s there...even in the bathroom...”

What a deep thought.

So what led to that scream?

You should have seen me.

I was in that bathroom stall, squatting on the toilet with my arms wrapped around my legs which were pulled up against my chest.

Someone had told me that was supposed
to help.

How I wished it did.

Nothing happened.

And I was so constipated that I literally wanted to die.

My Condition had Been Getting
Worse Over the Weeks...

I became more and more bloated, until I eventually looked like I was 6 months pregnant.

People would come up to me and say “congratulations”.

At which point, I would feign a smile, say
“thank you” and visualize kicking that person in the groin...

For weeks, I hadn’t been able to go to the bathroom...

You’re probably asking:

Why didn’t you try...

Milk of magnesia?

Tried it.


Didn’t work a damn.




Tried those every single day… DID NOTHING.

I know, I know... I should’ve changed my diet, right?

Well, that would be a good suggestion...

Except I was Already Eating
Only Prunes, Pears and Bran

That diet would’ve given a horse the runs, but not me...

My belly was an angry son of a gun and it wouldn’t give anything up, no matter what
I did.

As we were about to enter our driveway after the church event, I knew I was in trouble.

So I said,

“Dave, I think we need to go to the emergency room…”

Dave put the car in reverse, after which he did 60 in a residential area until we arrived.

He loves speed, and now he finally had an excuse for the cops.

So he just flew, until we arrived at the hospital entrance. Everything after that
went quickly.

The glass doors opened automatically.

I sat down, and a magazine article on Will Smith held my interest until my name
was called.

I explained to the doctor what had happened.

How I hadn’t gone in weeks.

I told him about the scream.

He Turned to the Nurse and
Said Three Letters: “IBS”.

Irritable bowel syndrome.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a group of symptoms that affect your digestive system.

It’s a common but uncomfortable gastrointestinal disorder.

People with IBS get ,diarrhea or excessive constipation, along with abdominal pain
and cramps

But my IBS was of a whole different order...

He went through the list of “Did you try this?”, “Did you try that?”, and asked if I’d tried changing my diet.

I just kept nodding... then he said,

“Okay. We’re going to have to do this manually.”

I responded,

“Manually? What does that mean?”

When he put on his rubber gloves, I sorta got the picture.

He was going in. And I had mixed feelings about it.

On one hand... I would have endured anything to take away that pain.

On the other hand, it meant a stranger would be inside me... I felt violated.

He went in. The details at that point were gross...

Let’s Just Say What He
Did was a Success.

That was the most traumatic night of my entire life
and definitely the most painful.

I went home… relieved, but nervous at the same time.

My anxiety was for a simple reason.

  • What was to stop that from happening all over again?
  • Was that procedure a quick fix or would it actually make me “go daily” like a normal person?
  • What would happen the next time I ate? Would the next 8 meals get stuck there too?

I knew last night was only a half-victory.

I still had IBS.

I still looked 6 months pregnant.

There was still some poop in me.

I was still constipated.

He had only skimmed the surface...

Damn this belly of mine. I couldn’t relax.

I paced up and down my bedroom like
a madwoman.

One day went by.

3 days went by.

And I was Back Where I Started: Bloated. Constipated. Defeated.

Enema #1, enema #2, enema #3.
Nothing was happening.

I wound up at the doctor’s again... and went through the same humiliating process.

He chastised me, and said I should really improve my diet.

I told him I did.

But he said he didn’t believe me.

How wonderful.

My doctor was just like everyone else who wouldn’t believe what was happening to me...

It’s funny.

People Just Take for Granted
that They Can Poop Every Day.

To me, it’s the world’s greatest blessing.

I asked the doctor,

“What if this keeps happening?”

What about all the food that’s undigested, and the poop that’s sitting in my belly...

He said I didn’t have to worry about that.

That it was natural to be carrying around a few meals in my belly...

But I did worry about it.

When I realized the doctor didn’t have answers—and I knew he wasn’t going to help—I did some research.

And I found out that the colon can’t handle more than a pint of unevacuated poop without complications

And the longer constipation goes on...the higher the risk of cancer

I needed to take matters into my own hands.

  • I looked online for solutions to severe constipation and bloating.
  • I changed my diet multiple times.
  • I tried all those fancy refrigerated probiotics. (I discovered that if they can’t survive at room temperature, they are never going to make it through your digestive tract.)
  • I tried a few of the fiber supplements out there... even the ones with great reviews on Amazon...

They did absolutely nothing.

I was Still in the Same Situation,
with By-Now Regular Visits to the Doctor for “Manual Evacuation”.

He didn’t really see the gallon of food we keep in our belly as a problem...

But studies say it matters very much...

Check out this study from ScienceDaily:

The science shows the risks are great.

  • The weight gain is certain.
  • The sapping of energy is without a doubt.
  • Your inability to be your carefree self is guaranteed.

The extra poop I was carrying was NO JOKE, and it was NOT OKAY.

So day and night, I obsessed over it, and kept looking for answers. Then, I stumbled on a miracle…

From the American Indians.

It was a Natural Solution For
Extreme Constipation...

The American Indians would take a bark from a certain tree, and pound it with a mortar and pestle before eating it...


They were running like a faucet…

Luckily, one of my oldest friends is a
Native American.

So I Reached Out to Her,
and Asked About This Bark Called:

Cascara Sagrada

She explained its history, and how it’s related to her culture .

Native Americans pass down information—including food traditions—from one generation to the next through stories.

That’s how the younger generations learned
to fish, find food, and even use some plants
as medicine.

That’s how my friend learned about this tree bark.

Passing down such information was especially important to her people, as European settlers had spread throughout America and displaced Native American tribes.

During this time, Native American food customs were upended and completely disrupted.

Native Americans had only been eating fruit and seeds; now, they were eating wheat, cattle, birds and everything else the Europeans ate.

Their Bodies were
Not Used to the Change.

And so they developed digestive issues.

Suddenly, they couldn’t “go”.

But from their stories of old, they had knowledge of something important:

Their ancestors had a tradition of using
a particular tree bark to empty the body
of waste.

So they started compounding it. And slowly, their bodies began to adjust to their new diet...

She thought that people in the US should really be introduced to this bark concoction because so many of us are struggling with being overweight...

And They Assume Weight Gain is Actually Too Much Stored Fat.

When it’s not fat... it’s stuck food.

It’s poop.

The poop has nowhere to go; instead, it extends your belly.

After that conversation with my friend, I was eager to try the sacred bark.

But after all those terrible Amazon supplements, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find anything substantial.

So I reached out to the best compounding and manufacturing company in the market,
Simple Promise™.

I asked them if they could help supply the tree bark.

The same tree bark the American Indians swear by.

To my joy, they said they absolutely could.

So they got to work.

They sent me a sample of the bark in pill form—

And WOW, I had No Idea Just
How Effective it Would Be.

The day it arrived, I took 2 of the pills in the morning, with a big glass of water.

By the end of the day, I’d gone to the bathroom.

And get this… I lost 3 pounds!

But it didn’t stop there. I had 6 bowel movements that week...

I had not been that regular in years.

It was like I had received a new lease on life.

My friends at church asked me what my secret was. And I told them… (I had no idea many of them were struggling with IBS too.)

I Gave Them a Few of the
Bark Samples I’d Received,
and Here’s What They Said:

Luciel shared:

“I was desperate. No matter what I did, I couldn’t go.”

“I was so scared to be away from a toilet that I started missing my son’s soccer practices. I wasn’t myself at work.

My whole life was being spoiled simply because I couldn’t go.

I’d tried every product on the market. Then I got this from Lori.

Let me tell you something... you can add up all the products I’d taken...

And match that up against ONE PILL of THIS.

I now go like a normal person. I’m regular. I go every day each morning.

And it’s been tremendous for my marriage.

I’m less anxious, I have more energy,
I feel better, I look better... man, everything is better.

You will lose 10 pounds... there will
be a smile on your face you can’t
wash off...

Thank you, Lori. And bless you.

I feel like you’re some kind of hero.

You had to go through that embarrassing bathroom incident, and you came out the other end—and wound up helping others.

Keep up the good work!

And then I got this message from a friend who didn’t even have IBS, but who wanted to see what this bark was all about.

Here’s what Martin wrote...

“I gotta be honest. I’d thought this wasn’t for me.”

“I go to the bathroom every single morning at 8 am.

Why would I need this tree bark?

Well... I’m here to tell you that I did need it, and trying it was the best thing I ever did for my health.

I had a pot belly. And I thought it was fat. But as I dieted, and saw how it didn’t work...

I felt Lori might have had a point... it might actually be poop.

So I tried this formula and on the first day, I started to feel something.

Within 2 hours, I was on the toilet relieving myself. It felt great.

I actually saw my stomach go down a little after that... But 3 hours later, I had to go again.

I was thinking to myself, again? I didn’t even eat anything.

Now I understand what Lori was talking about. It’s not just for people who are constipated. We are all carrying a lot of extra poop weight.

I went again. And again.

I went 7 times, in the next 3 days...

And I lost an entire inch off my belly. No dieting. Just a little bit of this bark.

I feel more confident in the bedroom and outside of it... I just feel lighter and freer.

I have more energy, and I simply look a lot better in my clothes.

Lori, you are a gem. There is no way I can possibly thank you for the fact that I actually feel 20 years younger.”

When I Saw Those
Messages, I had to Pinch Myself.

It was unbelievable.

I hadn’t imagined that sort of response. But it made me realize I needed to share my discovery with more people…

  • So they too could feel better...
  • So they could end their chronic constipation…
  • So they could beat their “no-go” situation, and win their battle with IBS…
  • So they could lose their excess weight, feel sexy around their spouse again, and just START LIVING!

I reached out to Simple Promise™.

I told them I wanted to turn the bark into a product.

And that I Wanted to
Make it Even More Effective.

I wanted to add 5 ingredients that have all been proven by prestigious medical universities to make people pass their stools more easily and quickly...

So first, we have Cascara Sagrada Bark.

This is the bark that saved the lives of American Indians...

We’ve discussed that. This ingredient alone can totally flush out your poop.

But we’re going above and beyond...

So we also included:

Cape Aloe Leaf

We get aloe latex from this leaf.

It’s so powerful, it can make your stools incredibly soft — for you to go more easily. This is temporary, and it is actually a good thing.

It means your body is disposing of your poop as quickly as possible.

Next, we added...

Senna Alata Extract

According to

Senna is used on a short-term basis to treat constipation. It also is used to empty the bowels before surgery and certain medical procedures.

Senna is in a class of medications called stimulant laxatives. It works by increasing activity of the intestines to cause a bowel movement.

With these 3 ingredients, we already had the most powerful stool-softening product in the market...

But I knew we could still do better...

So we added...

Triphala Fruit

This is from Ayurvedic medicine developed more than 3,000 years ago in India.

Ayurvedic medicine boasts some of the most powerful healing herbs on earth.

Triphala is what yogis use to keep their colon clean, and now the secret is out...

It’s an earth-colored powder comprising three important herbs:

Amalaki (amla), haritaki (harad) and bibhitaki (baheda). All of them are known to relieve constipation. Triphala is a triple threat.

Lastly, we included…

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds relax muscles in the intestines, which can help relieve constipation. Soothing muscles in the stomach and intestines helps to relieve gassiness that's from constipation or acid reflux.

Anethole is the main component that gives fennel seeds these beneficial effects.

Finally, I Included a Few
Detoxifying Ingredients Such As:

Slippery Elm Bark

Cayenne Pepper Fruit

Milk Thistle


Marshmallow Root

Simple Promise™ and I put all these wonderful ingredients together, and made them into easy-to-swallow pills that start working the moment they enter
your belly…

And today, I’m proud to share this product with you.

It’s called:


Just two capsules a day will:

  • Support regular bowel movements
  • Reduce bloating
  • Naturally cleanse your body
  • Eliminate the gallons of waste and toxins sitting in your belly and body right now
  • Help you finally lose those stubborn 10, 20 or even 30 pounds you’ve been hanging on to for years

But don’t take my word for it.

Listen to the Thousands of
Women and Men Who’ve Tried BellyFlushTM and Changed Their Lives.

“This really empties you out!”

“I’d been trying to find something to help with bloating and being backed up, but nothing worked. I swear, I looked a smooth 3 months pregnant.

I tried this, and took 2 capsules at bedtime and drank plenty of water during the day—and maaaaan, it really empties you out.

It doesn’t give you the horrible stomach cramping the way other products do. I’m getting ready to buy another bottle now.”

- Lucy Rose

“Day 2 is when freedom begins.”

“Day 1, not much happened, but OH MY GOODNESS—Day 2 and beyond, the levy broke. I'm on Day 6 right now, and I'm feeling better. I would definitely purchase this again.”

- Vicki G.

“This product actually does what
it says it does.”

“I took the first serving in the evening, not expecting much. I’ve tried so many other things that I’m pretty skeptical. But about 14 hours later, the first wave hit.

I feel so much better. This product does what it says, and that is the scary part. :) I highly recommend it, if you struggle with constipation.”

- Micheal L.

“I used to hate my bathroom.”

“I used to hate my bathroom because I’d have to sit inside there for hours, just to go once in a blue moon. But now the bathroom is like my new favorite room. Haha.

I will say, though—if you take it the first day and it doesn’t work, just wait. That’s how it was for me too. The first day, nothing; the second day, everything changed.”

- Dana T.

“I’ve lost 25 lbs so far.”

“I had bloating and constipation for years. No stool softener helped. Saw this in an ad and thought, "Yeah, right...". But I ordered it anyways because I had nothing to lose. When it arrived, I took 2 capsules with water, and heard my stomach churning. (No pain, no discomfort, no cramping—just the wheels going into motion.)

I know many reviews say it doesn’t work until the second day, but for me, it worked the very same day. (No diarrhea—just a healthy bowel movement!) I lost weight and feel so much better.

So far, I’ve lost 25 lbs and have lots of energy now! This stuff is a miracle worker for chronic constipation and bloating! Don't wait another minute! You deserve relief!”

- Cindy H.

“I pooped more than I ever have in my life.”

“I got this product after I’d been struggling with constipation for a while. I started the first few days very skeptical, like many of you. And guess what? It didn't seem to be working.

If I drank coffee, it appeared to work a little, but not the way I was hoping. Day 4, BOOM. I pooped more than I ever have in my life.

For the next 10 days, I felt lighter, and relieved myself daily—sometimes, 2–3 times a day! BUY it!! Give it a try, and don't give up after Day 1!”

- Rick T.

“It works! (Just make sure to drink water.)”

“I usually had a problem, especially when I traveled. I just never could “go” when I traveled. I read about this, and decided to order it. Well, it didn't disappoint! You do have to drink lots of WATER!!!!!

I took 2 capsules with 2 glasses of water, before going to bed, and it worked great. Just drink water with it, and during the day.”

- Andrew H.

“Gentle, but effective.”

“This product is definitely helped to clear out my system, with no cramping or pain. It is gentle, but effective. I would recommend it to anyone looking to cleanse their system!”

- Laura B.

Now, Another Delicate Piece of Advice:

When you take this… Start with 2 pills. Drink a lot of water with the pills.

Have some air freshener handy because you’re going to be in the bathroom for a while.

Your first bowel movement will be a pleasure and a total relief...

But then...throughout the day...

You’ll go... again and again and again.

Like the Energizer Bunny, you’ll just keep going and going and you won’t stop…

Until every last ounce of poop is out of your system for good.

If you look 6 months pregnant now, you’ll look normal by the end of the week...

While this Formula is Gentle,
it Does Work.

So you shouldn’t go on a road trip, after you take this.

You will want to be near a bathroom because this starts working immediately.

Some loose stools... are totally normal, after taking this product—it’s just your body’s way of flushing out the poop as quickly as possible.

If it gets too runny, you can cut down to 1 pill a day.

Expect your first bowel movement within 2 hours...

This will show you, without a doubt, that BellyFlush™ works.

Now, You are Probably
Wondering How You can Get
Your Hands on BellyFlushTM.

And you might be a little worried about its price.
And I don’t blame you.

This is an expensive product. The manpower it takes to retrieve and process the bark and the ingredients from India... is tremendous.

In addition to that, the trees we get our bark from are going extinct.

So this is really a rare opportunity to flush
your belly.

That’s why Belly Flush™ had an original price tag of $99… that’s nearly $1.70 a pill!

We sold BellyFlush™ at that price, and had THOUSANDS of success stories.

But I also knew there were many people who still weren’t getting the help they needed.

Then something happened.

Someone was so happy with the product that he decided he wanted to be an investor... we shook hands.

And with his investment, we were able to streamline the manufacturing process and cut out a lot of middlemen...

And Bring the Price All the Way Down to Just $59 Dollars a Bottle...

Buy 1 bottle Buy 1 bottle
Buy 6 bottles Buy 6 bottles
Buy 3 bottles Buy 3 bottles

And if you order our deluxe package of 6 bottles...

You’ll only pay $33 a bottle!

If you think that’s insanely cheap, it’s because it is...

But if BellyFlush™ helps you to go, that’s all that matters to me.

Beyond the Savings, We
Also Want to Back Up Every
Purchase with a Promise.

I know first-hand how terrible it is to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on products that don’t work.

That’s why I’m making you the most epic, outrageous promise possible.

Wait until you hear about this guarantee...

Either you poop in less than 2 hours after taking BellyFlush™… Or you don’t pay a single penny.

And that’s not all: You have an entire year to try BellyFlush™.

That’s right, you have 365 days to try out our product.

You can change your mind, even after you’ve taken every single pill in every single bottle… Although you won’t need that long to see how effective BellyFlush™ is.

Most of Our Customers are Able to Poop 3–5 Times in Their First Week
of Taking BellyFlushTM.

Some even poop after the first 2 hours of taking it.

Everyone is different.

But as long as you don’t “GO”... you don’t pay a single penny.

If you are not happy with the product for any reason...

Whether it’s a minor side effect, or even the shape of the pills, the color of the label or the design of the bottle...

You don’t pay anything at all...

All you have to do is contact our support team via email or call us at 1-800-259-9522, and they will refund you.

You will get back every single penny that you paid—no questions asked.

Our support representatives are well-paid,
and they are eager to fulfill your every wish and desire.

Do you realize what this means? It means you can’t lose.

365 Days Money Back Guarantee

At Simple Promise™, we are so sure of the effectiveness of our product that we are willing to put the entire risk on us.

Our industry best 365 Days Money Back Guarantee states that either you're 100% satisfied, or your money back.

You can place your order safely and knowing that absolutely nothing can go wrong. Give BellyFlush™ a try and see the difference it would bring to your life.

If at any time you are not happy with BellyFlush™, just send back your empty bottles and we will refund you immediately.

No questions asked.

We pride ourselves in our product and service and want you to be absolutely satisfied.

You Either Poop… or All Your
Money is Back in your Account.

You'll know if I'm telling the truth or lying,
in a matter of days...

And you don’t have to risk anything to find out.

This product means so much to me because I personally know how serious—and how absolutely scary—constipation is.

That’s why I’m happy to offer you this guarantee:

  • To take away all the fear you might have...
  • To allow you to purchase BellyFlush™ with complete peace of mind, and complete confidence.

I know this will be the best purchase you’ll ever make in your life.

I’ll stake my reputation on it.

And now, for the moment of truth... there’re a few buttons below.

And you’re wondering if you should click any one of them.

I’m here to tell you:

You have Nothing
to Lose but Your Poop.

And you have everything to gain.

A perfect body

Eliminating the risk of cancer

Saying goodbye
to nights
spent on the
toilet praying

Erasing the fear of being backed up

All of that is possible…

And you’ll get all your money back, if it doesn’t happen.

This is really a rare opportunity to flush out your belly.

And to make this decision even EASIER... I’m going to throw in the kitchen sink too.

Because ordering the 3- or 6-bottle packages shows me how serious you are about improving your digestive health.

And I want to match that commitment.

That’s Why We’re Throwing in
Several EXTRA Bonuses, if You Choose Either the 3- or 6-Bottle Option.

Let me just say this right now, to be super clear:

These bonuses are NOT a requirement.

BellyFlush™ alone is enough to get you regular, and remove all the stuck poop.

However, I’m throwing them in because I want to reward folks for their commitment.

So here are the extra bonuses you’ll get with the multi-bottle packages.

The first one is called:

Bonus #1:

The Ultimate Guide To
Fermented Foods For A Healthier Gut
($29 Value)

Fermented foods like kimchi and kombucha have been in the limelight for their role in improving levels of healthy bacteria in your gut.

In this guide, we share the BEST fermented foods to support your gut, and a few recipes too.

If you are a picky eater, don’t worry—there is something in here for everyone.

Usually, this book would cost you $29…

But today, Simple Promise™ is giving it out for FREE to anyone who orders the 3- or 6-bottle package.

As for the second bonus…

It’s called:

Bonus #2:

28-Day Gut Health Plan:
40 Healing Recipes To Restore Gut Balance
($59 Value)

We all know a good diet is important.

And we’ve all heard that food can be like medicine. This is so true for your gut.

That’s why we created this special gut health plan.

Written by the researchers at Simple Promise™, it’s filled with 40 EASY meals and recipes to help you heal your gut with food.

This guide normally retails for $59.

And last but not least…

The final bonus is called:

Bonus #3:

The Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook
($29 Value)

Many of our customers who struggle with digestive issues often have chronic inflammation as well. If you have this problem too, you will love this bonus!

It contains several recipes to support your immune system, and calm inflammation in your body.

This bonus helps with

  • IBS
  • Chronic pain
  • Any other inflammatory issues you might be experiencing

The best part? The recipes are delicious, simple to cook, and easy to incorporate into your life.

And while it normally retails for $29…

You’ll get this bonus FREE, when you order the 3- or 6-bottle package of BellyFlush™ today.

So, to summarize…

You’ll Get an Extra $117 in
Bonus Guides
, with the
Multi-Bottle Packages…

AND you also save as much as 66%!

But you DON’T have to get these bonuses to be free from constipation and digestive issues.

I repeat.

DON’T feel pressured to get these guides.

They’re there as a complementary resource.

BellyFlush™ alone is more than enough.

The only reason I’m throwing these bonuses in for free with the 3- and 6-bottle packages, is to match your commitment.

So, now’s the time.

Choose a Package
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Hot tip: Go for 6 bottles because 6 months is how long it will take to see all the benefits that BellyFlushTM offers.

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Let’s be frank.

You Know You Don’t Want to
Keep Walking Around with 8 Disgusting Meals in Your Belly...

You know you will feel better and look better... when you’re flushed out, clean and lean... so what is really holding you back from hitting that button?

  • Is it the price?
    You can get it all back.
  • Is it the doubt that it might not work?
    Just look at all the testimonials...

The stories are so authentic—you can’t make them up.

The fact that you’re still here, and not on the order page means...

The problem is... Drum roll, please...


You’re the only person getting in your way.

  • You’re hesitating over what I’m offering you, which is a higher quality of life.
  • You're hesitating over avoiding cancer...
  • You’re hesitating over wanting your last 8 meals to be sitting within you or in the toilet where they belong...

That’s just not rational...

You know what you have to do: Embrace better health, and boost your wellbeing.

Hit the button. Fill out the secure order form.

You’ve Got Nothing to Lose.

Is $59 bucks not worth paying:

For a better life?

A flatter belly?

Being free from fear?

You know, there was once a boy in a pit...

Who had been living in total darkness since he was born.

One day, someone came and tried to pull him out... Offered him a hand.

But he didn’t take it.

He said, “Get away from me!”...

And he couldn't get out… Because he wouldn’t take the hand.

You are that boy.

You have No Idea What
Life will be Like, When You’ve
Dropped 10 Pounds of Poop…

And it’s the very fact that it’s great... that scares you.

You’d rather be uncomfortable for the rest of your life... as long as things are familiar.

Because who knows what lurks out there in the real world.

  • It’s time to come out of the hole...
  • It’s time to breathe fresh air.
  • It’s a better life out here...
  • A life without pain and shame and fear...
  • A life of relief, freedom and joy.

It is the most important thing you can do all year...

Because nothing is more important than health.

You can’t enjoy yourself. You can’t enjoy your life.

You can’t enjoy being you.

See, This is Really About
Being Your True Self.

When you live carrying around a dark,
ugly menace...who are you, really?

Not yourself.

Get out of the hole. Live the way you’re meant to live...

Carefree. Joyful.

Hit the button below. And make it all happen.

I’ll see you on the next page, with an exciting announcement...

You won’t want to miss it.

If You’re on the Fence About
Getting BellyFlushTM, That’s Okay.

But remember my promise earlier.

Although people say there is no reward without risk, let me remind you that you will risk nothing, when you decide to try BellyFlush™.

Our 365-day money-back guarantee means you will never really lose out because you can get your money back with a simple phone call or email.

So I strongly urge you to give BellyFlush™ a chance—risk-free—for the sake of your present and future health.


You’ll Also Get the
3 Bonuses Worth $117.

These bonuses are:

  • The Ultimate Guide To Fermented Foods For A Healthier Gut
  • 28-Day Gut Health Plan: 40 Healing Recipes To Restore Gut Balance
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook

All three are yours to keep, with the 3- and 6-bottle packages.

That’s an additional value of $117, ON TOP of the special discounted prices being offered on this website.

Now’s the time.

Hit One of the Buttons Below,
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And that’s no way to live... we only get a few chances to do something great in life.

And this is one of those chances... so take it.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side.

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You are Still Here, so I’m Thinking
You Might Have a Few Questions.

Good news—I’ve got answers. :)

Frequently Asked Questions

It is made for people who are

  • Bloated
  • Overweight
  • Simply not regular with their bowel movements

However, after large-scale testing, we’ve found that absolutely everyone can benefit from BellyFlush™.

There isn’t a single person on earth who isn’t carrying extra rotting food in the belly.

Everyone needs a flush-out now and again... and to avoid having a higher risk of cancer, you need to try BellyFlush™ now...

It absolutely does. Even better than we expected it to.

We’ve got the case studies to prove it. You’ve heard from many of our past customers earlier in the letter.

What you don’t know is we have literally thousands of other stories we could have told but simply didn’t have the time.

BellyFlush™ truly works. And it works fast too.

Remember, you’ve got our 365-day money-back flush guarantee, so it really has to work or we lose your business.

Some people see results right away. Some see their first bowel movement within 2 hours. For others, it happens on Day 2.

Everyone’s body is different.

But on average, you can expect 5–6 more bowel movements over the subsequent days.

You’ll truly enjoy the process of flushing your belly.

Cascara Sagrada Bark

Cape Aloe Leaf

Senna Alata Extract

Triphala Fruit

Fennel Seeds

Slippery Elm Bark

Cayenne Pepper Fruit

Milk Thistle


Marshmallow Root

Here are all the ingredients in BellyFlush™.

As you can see, there are even more ingredients than we mentioned, which will help you lose the belly.

Our goal is to over-deliver, and that’s exactly what we are doing.

It’s taken orally.

The capsules are flavor-free, and they are slick, so they go down easily.

Just take 2 capsules a day.

I normally take them in the morning with a meal and a huge glass of water.

Drinking a lot of water with BellyFlush™ is very important.

Now, as you know, some of our customers experienced really incredible weight loss results with BellyFlush™.

But if you lose too much weight, there’s no reason to be concerned.

Simply take 1 capsule of BellyFlush™, instead of 2. The problem should be resolved quickly.

We feel incredibly confident about BellyFlush™.

That’s why every order of BellyFlush™ is backed by our 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

You have a full year to try the product. If, for any reason, you don’t like it, simply email our amazing team or call us at 1-800-259-9522 and we will refund you.

You’ll get back every single penny that you paid—no questions asked.

Scroll down to the “Buy Now” button right now.

This is your only chance to get our special insider pricing.

As I mentioned, we’ve also had many out-of-stock issues over the last couple of years, due to the current global pandemic and the situation in Ukraine.

So I urge you to take this chance now, to stock up while you can.

If you come back to our website, and see that this page is down or there’s a SOLD OUT message, you will likely need to wait 3–6 months.

That’s how long it’s been taking us to restock BellyFlush™.

So act now.

Once your bowel movements are under control, your whole life will seem like it’s under control.

  • Going up the stairs will be easier.
  • You’ll smile for no reason.
  • You’ll have more fun.
  • Your sense of humor will come out.

Everything starts with a good poop...

And this is all GUARANTEED to happen when you choose to try BellyFlush™.

So, pick a package and hit one of the buttons now...

Buy 1 bottle Buy 1 bottle
Buy 6 bottles Buy 6 bottles
Buy 3 bottles Buy 3 bottles

Those are our most common questions. Now, there is only one thing left to do.


Some of you are fathers. Some of you are
grandfathers. Some of you are mothers.
And some of you are grandmothers.

Whoever you are, just think about what you will be like, when you’re 110% healthier.

Isn’t that worth a lot more than $59 bucks?

Getting BellyFlush™ and watching it work is like a beautiful dream...

A dream I live today. Me.

The one with the worst IBS that any doctor
has seen...

BellyFlush™ worked for me when nothing
else would...

Just remember this moment. Because you’ll never forget it.

This is the turning point. This is the apex. This is the game changer.

And all you have to do is hit a little button.

Do it Now.
There is No Other Sane Choice.

You have to get rid of your stuck poop.

So click the button now. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done...

Buy 1 bottle Buy 1 bottle
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By Clicking that Button, You’re
Locking in Your Bottle of BellyFlushTM...

And you need to understand that this may
be your only chance to do so.

We’re giving you 365 days... don’t even decide now. Decide then.

Because you get all your money back, even if it’s Day 364 at 11 pm.

I know you’re going to love BellyFlush™.

That’s why I’m doing this. I have enough money.

This is about you.

You shouldn’t wait any longer...

You can order 1 bottle, 3 bottles or 6.

It will take some time to get all the poop from the last 8 meals out...

That’s why it makes sense to pick up 6 bottles:

This Way, You’ll Experience the
Full Effect of BellyFlushTM.

Plus, you’ll have the product for 6 months, and you don’t have to worry when it goes out of stock.

If you only order 1 bottle or 3 bottles, you leave yourself vulnerable to the very unreliable supply chain...


Just like that, all available bottles of BellyFlush™ can be sold out in a flash.

So don’t make that mistake. Save time and needless worry. Get 6 bottles. You won’t regret it.

Still Have More Questions
About BellyFlushTM ?

No problem. Contact our customer support team.
They are dying to talk to you.

The toll-free number is 1-800-259-9522, and they’re available 24/7.

We have real, live humans immediately answering the phones to help you.

So claim your bottles of BellyFlush™ now, while our limited-time discount is available while we still have stock…

And decide within the next 365 days if it’s
for you.

If it’s not…you’ll get a fast and full refund.

But chances are, you’re going to love your experience with BellyFlush™.

So don’t wait any longer… Select the package you’d like…

Whether it’s the 6-Bottle Option…
the 3-Bottle Option… or Whichever Option Works Best For You…

And click the “Add To Cart” button below to get started.

I wish you all the best, and I can’t wait to hear about your experience.

Bye, now.

Buy 1 bottle Buy 1 bottle
Buy 6 bottles Buy 6 bottles
Buy 3 bottles Buy 3 bottles





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